Rowing Machines: The Absolute Exercise Machine

A rowing machine is perhaps the most common and the odd thing to see at the gym. Rowing is supposed to be an outdoor sport and singling it out to give space in the gym seems a little odd. The reason for this is quite obvious. Rowing is one exercise form that works out your body like no other exercise form. Rowing machines thus have justified presence in the gym.

A rowing machine offers the most comprehensive form of exercise to the body. It not just tones the muscle but also helps in weight loss. Using a rowing machine can enhance your upper body strength in more than just one ways. It is the ultimate upper body exercise as it exercises your arm and chest simultaneously. As compared to other weight machine, the use of a rowing machine offers a full body workout stressing on each and every part of your body.

These machines may not have any real match for rowing. They can neither offer the same experience that actual rowing does, nor can they offer the same fun. But having said that, these machines do save you from the hassle of going out for rowing each day. You will not have to travel long to experience the pleasure of rowing.

A word of caution in case you are going great guns on your rowing exercise. While performing this exercise, there is a general tendency of overdoing it. This is because rowing feels a lot easier on the arms than it actually is. Setting too high a target can have serious consequences as it can not only exhaust you completely but also lead to pulling of a muscle. So you should increase your exercise gradually and not make sudden jumps.

‘Low impact’ is the word that best describes the workout from a rowing machine. It is termed as a low impact workout because of the fact that it is easy on the joints. People with knee troubles will find this exercise from extremely favorable. There are either low impact workout machines too such as the stationary bike and the elliptical machine but none of them prove to be that effective.

Both your upper and lower body gets to benefit from exercising on a rowing machine. This is perhaps the biggest plus of using a rowing machine. So why spend time on a treadmill or a stationary bike that works out only the lower body when a rower can tone your upper body too.

Today rowing machines are available in plenty in the market. Several known names for these machines include Oxford, Concept 2, Phoenix, Beny, Windrigger amidst several others. Search the market and find the one that best meets your needs.