Rowing Machine Reviews: Discover the Best Rowing Machine Guide

Rowing Machine Reviews are the key to finding the right rowing machine for your needs regardless of your fitness goals as well as personal circumstances such as weight, height, stamina and of course, budget.

We recommend to check out detailed reviews of some of the best rowing machines on the market can help you identify the most suitable models in the marketplace so that you end up making a well-informed shopping decision. The interactive comparison chart below shows the best indoor rowers on the market today for consumers from all walks of life.

Type: The type of resistance integrated into a specific rowing machine.

User Weight: This indicates the maximum weight capacity of users supported by each rowing machine. It can be helpful in choosing an indoor rower that has the power to withstand abuse from you for many years to come.

Price: The approximate price tag of each indoor rower on Keep in mind that the price continually changes based on factors such as special promos, availability, and others. Keep in mind that under $200= $, $201 to $500 =$$, $500- $700= $$$, 701- 1000= $$$$, above $1,000= $$$$$.

Rating: This indicates the average rating given by current customers on (It can be a great indicator of whether a specific model is worth purchasing).


Concept 2 Model D

Types of Rowing Machines

There is no point in checking out the most detailed rowing machine reviews if you have no idea which types are available and what to look out for. There are four main types in the marketplace for sale today and each type comes with its own merits and drawbacks as well as price tags and other information. It is therefore vital to consider all of these factors when looking for the best rowing machine for you and/or your family.

Air Resistance: This type of rowing machine relies on fan blades located in their flywheels to generate resistance. Typically, resistance is created when the user moves the flywheel. Air resistance indoor rowers come with several merits including exceptional control for the user as well as the ability to exercise at your own pace. They are also suitable for tall people, with their only drawbacks being their large footprint and sometimes relatively high level of noise in most standard models.

Magnetic Resistance: This type of rowing machine generates resistance from internal electromagnets. Some of the most sought indoor rowers on today rely on magnetic resistance due to the numerous advantages they provide such as fluid operations, small footprints, customization options and of course, their extremely quiet operations. However, you should be ready to pay top dollar for one of these.

Piston Resistance: Piston resistance rowing machines feature hydraulic pistons fixed to their handles to generate resistance as you continue to row. These types are usually more portable and come with generous price tags when compared to air or water resistance indoor rowers. Most of these machines are foldable, which is great for anyone with space limitations at home or in the office. Most beginners choose piston indoor rowers simply because they are cheaper, smaller, and highly usable. The downside is that you can’t expect the same level of fluidity as magnetic rowers and these machines may sometimes require high maintenance.

Water Resistance: Characterized by an enclosed water tank with suspended paddles, this type of rowing machine generates resistance when you paddle in water. Water resistance rowing machines give you an authentic feel just like actual rowing on a river or ocean, which isn’t existent in the other types. Rowing machines with water resistance tend to be popular among elite rowers and those who have no issues paying a high price tag for an extremely smooth and real rowing experience even in the comfort of their homes. A few disadvantages of this type include their large footprints and complicated storage.

What is a Rowing Machine?

Rowing machines or indoor rowers are simply exercise equipment’s which simulate the action of real-water rowing on a boat. With the huge number of types, models and brand names available, there isn’t a universal design for these equipments.

When you read rowing machine reviews, you will realize that majority of these machines available for sale today feature a performance monitor of some kind that gives you key workout data including your duration and distance covered as well as your rowing speed and amount of calories burned. With this data, the built-in computer applies other metrics to determine the amount of energy used and speed.

Some high-end indoor rowers allow you to synchronize with your smartphone or computer via third-party applications for transmission of your workout data. This enables tracking and monitoring over a specified period of time and this allows you determine whether you are losing weight, becoming fitter, and other workout performance indicators.

Why the Craze about Rowing Machines?

Many more people are trooping to Amazon to shop for one model of rowing machine or another, thanks to the increasing popularity of this equipment. Professional rowers are characterized by their impressive athleticism and studies have shown that they are probably the fittest athletes in the world. Just take a look at Olympic athletes and you will be amazed by their amazing arm strength as well as exceptional abs and generally excellent lower-body area.

Rowing has been identified as the most rewarding and demanding type of indoor workout and this makes it perfect for anyone regardless of your age and body type. Rowing Machines have been identified as the best indoor equipment for cardio exercises so if you are looking for the quickest way to lose chunks of weight in your abdomen, butt, and any area of your body, getting an indoor rower is the smartest decision you could make. They are equally great for anyone who wants well-toned arms, legs, and butts.

Working out with rowing machines even 3 times per week helps to build your biceps and tricep muscles while increasing your overall blood flow rate to boost metabolism and eliminate tons of diseases caused by the inability of blood to reach all areas of the body quickly.

Advantages of Rowing Machine Reviews

With the popularity of the World Wide Web in the last two decades or so, consumers no longer have to risk taking unnecessary gambles during shopping. Even when you are on the market for products you are not very familiar with such as an indoor rower, product reviews can help you narrow down your search and ultimately select the best one for your needs. A detailed review website can make the difference in finding the right fitness equipment and accessories, especially if you do not consider yourself an expert in that niche. Here are a few reasons why reading rowing machine reviews can be the smartest decision you make in your shopping journey.

Weigh Your Options

Being unaware of the options out there for you is one of the main reasons why many consumers end up with the wrong choices. Product reviews give consumers detailed information about the different brands and models out there for them to choose from. Rowing machine reviews can be a great way to uncover lots of indoor rowers you may have never heard of. In effect, you get more options and end up uncovering additional information such as warranties and money-back guarantees.

Compare Prices

Your budget can be the key factor in which indoor rower you end up buying. Since there is no point wasting time over a model you can’t afford, rowing machine reviews allow you to compare prices so you don’t have to conduct detailed analysis on rowers priced out of your wallet. In effect, these reviews have made buying more transparent for the consumer especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands but want to invest in equipment that will give you great value for money.

Consumer Feedback

Your Feedback Matters card with colorful background with defocus

Most product reviews feature feedback from current or past users. Since consumers have no incentive to provide over-hyped reviews, you can trust specific rowing machines with impressive consumer ratings as truly well-made products that can enhance your ability to achieve your fitness needs.

Don’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it; check out what other users have to say about each product so you can eliminate any doubt from your mind when you finally decide to order the rowing machine of your choice.

Finding the Best Rowing Machine Reviews

The number one place to find the best rowing machine reviews is Amazon. All you have to do is to click on any indoor rower you are interested in and visit its main product page on

Below the product description page, you will find detailed reviews from other consumers giving detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of the specific rowing machine as well as a rating of 1-5 for each individual review. Amazon also computes an average from the total reviews for each product. Generally, exceptional products gain average ratings of 3.8 and upwards so make sure you target indoor rowers within that range.

Top 5 Rowing Machine Reviews

The Ultimate Rowing Machine Reviews Chart located at the top of this page features the indoor rowers in the marketplace today. This means your satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase any of them. In our opinion, the five models located below are the top five available for sale today. However, take note that it is just our opinion and depending on your specific needs and personal circumstances, you may find another model in the chart more suitable for your needs.

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine Review

Manufactured by a world-renowned brand, the Model D rowing Machine from Concept 2 is pure innovation and performance. While standard rowers are known for great lower-body workouts, some of them don’t offer the same levels of performance for keeping the upper body areas fit. Well, the Model D doesn’t come with any such limitations, thanks to its innovative sliding seat design which allows you to assume the best positions to work out any area of your body. Ultimately, total body workouts are guaranteed from a top notch indoor rower that features a great flywheel to boost fluid operations and eliminate noise during those grueling sessions.

It is available at a generous price tag when you weigh its performance, durability, and smooth operations. It comes with a user weight capacity of 500 pounds.

WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine

If you consider yourself a fan of water rowing or simply looking for an authentic workout session that gives you the same feel as rowing on water boat, the WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine is the most important purchase you could make.

This handcrafted rower is manufactured from Solid Ash wood which effectively absorbs sound and vibrations during operations. You therefore get a smooth and extremely quiet workout session each time, thanks to the durable flywheel in an enclosed water tank design.

It features an A1 Monitor that helps you keep track of your workout performance such as time and speed as well as calories burned and other valuable data. It comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty.

Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine Review

The Model E is the second indoor rower from Concept2 to make our list. Featuring the top-of-the-grade PM4 Performance Monitor, this indoor rower takes your workout performance metrics to another level. It includes a chest strap heart rate monitor that allows you to measure your heart rate and how many calories you body burns during each workout session.

Just like the Model D, this rowing machine also features the sliding seat design for complete body workouts. Additionally, it features a 20-inch frame which gives you total body comfort even if you are very tall.

This rower is available at premium price but totally worth it if you don’t want settle for mediocrity. Outstanding performance is guaranteed and this is why many consumers have no issues forking the extra amount to order this equipment.

 Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine Review

The Kettler Kadett is the foremost choice for consumers looking for mid-range priced indoor rowers. Featuring an outrigger style, this machine gives you the same dynamics and operations as real-water rowing. It features 12 levels of resistance, which makes it suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all fitness levels.

The Kadett rowing machine is integrated with a training computer that alerts you to the number and speed of oar strokes you take as well as the distance you cover and other statistics during your workouts.

Have any specific fitness goals in mind? Just program this indoor rower with your desired stroke speed and distance with the necessary audiovisual signals to help keep you on track. With dimensions of 49 by 31 by 10 inches, this rowing machine comes with a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

The Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine is a compact rowing machine that is built to simulate rowing on a river, lake or ocean. Clearly a favorite among low-budget consumers, this indoor rower is powered by a smooth hydraulic cylinder that gives users a wide range of tension controls to help them choose their right levels of resistance.

It features an easy-to-use monitor that displays your time and distance as well as speed and calories burned during each exercise session.

With pivoting foot plates and thick seats, your comfort will never be in question. If you have a limited budget, this rowing machine clearly gives you the best bang for your buck.

Found the Right Rowing Machine?

After going through the Ultimate Rowing Machine Reviews Chart and follow-up analysis, which rower model did you settle on? It is now your turn to take action and set yourself up to achieve your fitness goals as soon as possible. You have waited long enough; get yourself a rowing machine today. To maximize your muscle growth, get more info here